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slsh -- the S-Lang shell


Discover the beauty of Complex Numbers with fztopng, an slsh script that takes the complexity out of Complex Domain Coloring.

The S-Lang distribution includes an application called slsh that may be used for writing both interactive and non-interactive S-Lang scripts and applications. Moreover, slsh contains a number of high-level functions that are available to any conforming S-Lang application (jed, isis, etc). See the SLSH Library Reference for more information about those functions.

Many Linux distributions distribute slsh as a package separate from the main S-Lang package. For example, on a Debian system, slsh may be installed via `apt-get install slsh`.

This page contains links to a number of useful S-Lang scripts that may be executed with slsh. For more information about writing slsh scripts, see the slsh-specific chapters of A Guide to the S-Lang Language..

Note: Some of these scripts may not work with older versions of S-Lang. The currently released version is 2.3.3. Many of them require modules such as the cURL module, which must be installed separately, or the pcre module, which is distributed with S-Lang.
I use this slsh script on my Linux systems for checking the /proc filesystem for hidden processes. I wrote it after encountering the phalanx2 rootkit, which chkrootkit failed to detect. The phalanx2 rootkit was unable to hide from this script. It should be run as root.
Usage: [options]
 -g, --gids=RANGE            Use specified GID range
 -q, --quiet                 Run quietly, showing only warnings
 -v, --version               Print version
 -h, --help                  This message

This is the script that I use for retrieving podcasts for my mediacenter and MP3 player. It makes use of the cURL module to concurrently download the feeds.
I use this script to program my VX-2. More specifically, it creates a CSV file for use with the VX-2 commander software. I find it much easier to add frequencies to this script than to the commander's spreadsheet.

chandra-get (v0.3.1)
I wrote this script to download data from the Chandra archive. It requires the cURL and pcre modules.

This is the script that I use to create digital signatures via GnuPG.
I used this script to design my first moxon antenna. It is a translation of the BASIC code found at

This simple-to-use script uses the technique of Complex Domain Coloring to create beautiful images from functions of Complex Numbers.

More scripts will be added when time permits.

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