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Applications using S-Lang


I am collecting a list of various programs that use the S-Lang library in one way or another. Feel free to submit others. The modules page might also be of some interest.

  • slsh : A standalone S-Lang interpreter that is distributed as part of the S-Lang distribution.
  • jed : An easy to use, but very powerful text editor; also the first application to use S-Lang
  • slrn : full featured, scriptable newsreader with SSL support
  • most : Why settle for less, when you can have most?
  • isis : A spectral analysis program for X-ray astronomy
  • CTH : Sandia Laboratories shock wave physics code
  • SLxfig : This is a set of S-Lang routines that produce publication-quality plots and more.
  • mutt : An email client
  • slirc : A S-Lang based IRC client
  • vamps : a Vegetation-AtMosphere-Plant-Soil water model
  • lynx : The well-known text based web browser
  • mc : Midnight Commander File Manager
  • dosemu : DOS emulator for Linux
  • newt : Newt Widget Library [uses the SLsmg interface]
  • aalib : AAlib is an portable ascii art GFX library. [uses the SLsmg interface]
  • pdmenu : A menu system for shell scripts. [uses the SLsmg interface]
  • gaul : A flexible programming library for evolutionary computation. [uses the interpreter]
  • nano : The nano editor in OpenBSD
  • francine : An extremely configurable themeable login program that supports today's security standards (PAM). [uses the S-Lang interpreter]
  • samspade : Many features can be configured and scripted using the S-Lang interpreter.
  • flactag : A utility for tagging single album FLAC files with embedded CUE sheets using data from the MusicBrainz service. [uses the SLsmg interface]
  • zeberdee : a library that provides a reporting and publishing facilities

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